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Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You to All the Veterans

I had a great weekend camping and exploring Arizona back roads with my family.   This Memorial Day, and every day, I would like to say thank you to all of the Veterans past and present who have fought and are still currently fighting for our freedom so that we can all safely do the things we love and enjoy the lives that at times I think some of us take for granted.   

Freedom is not free.   There are many brave men and women who have made it their mission to protect us and our way of life.  Some pay with the ultimate sacrifice.  Some come back with physical scars and limitations.  Some come back with psychological scars and limitations.   After seeing war, I'm certain no one returns quite the same.  

Remember this every time you see an American flag flying.  Remember this when you see a soldier in their neatly pressed uniform.  And please still remember this when you see the homeless man on the corner talking to himself in between asking you for some spare change.   War is not pretty and what happens to our men and women when we send them over seas to fight for us is usually not pretty either.  If we want to enjoy our freedom then we need to stand up for them like they stood up for us.  

I have had many clients who are Vets and their legal problems are caused by issues stemming directly from them serving our country.  The decorated life long soldier who is so desensitized he didn't realize what is a joke in a war zone is a felony in civilian life.   The Army grunt who cannot sleep at night due to the visions of bombs and people on fire running through his mind like a movie he cannot shut off, so he turned to drugs.  The Marine who still sees the enemy in the corner and sometimes can no longer tell when they are real and when they are not without his medication, so he drank to make them disappear because he couldn't get adequate psychological help and as a result has been homeless most of his adult life.   

These people deserve our respect.  They deserve our patience.  They deserve our help.  They earned it and they would not be in the situation they are in now if they hadn't laid it all on the line for you and for me.  We owe them.   So thank them today on Memorial Day as we all enjoy our 3 day weekend.  But please don't forget about them also on a day to day basis the rest of the year.   

It is beyond politics.  It is beyond beliefs.   These men and women didn't make the decision of where to fight or when to fight, they were told where to go and they did.  To protect us and protect our way of life.  So whether you are a man or woman, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat- make sure next time you get a chance to appreciate a United States Armed Forces Veteran that you do so, Memorial Day and every day.